Public Speaking Kids (11-16 years)
Public speaking is the most common phobia among children and adults. Research shows that more people fear speaking in public than spiders, heights, and even death. This fear can stem from a number of reasons, including lack of confidence and insufficient language skills. However, public speaking is a vital skill in both the school and professional environment, as well as in everyday social interactions. It is imperative that children learn this valuable skill as soon as possible.

The 3-months workshop will teach children how to deal with their fear, get rid of stage fright and introduce different aspects of public speaking, including:

  • The importance, uses, and nuances of public speaking
  • Speaking when a topic is presented
  • The required elements of a speech
  • Organizing speech content
  • Persuasion using communication skills
  • Losing fear and speaking in a bold and powerful voice
  • Delivery techniques for an efficient speech
Where: Zoom (Online Mode)

Student's Voice

“As a current secondary school student, I highly recommend this course to everyone. Prior to taking this course, I was very shy and had a fear of speaking in public. During my science class last year, I had to give a presentation about the topic that we were studying. I understood the topic well, but when I tried to write a speech for the presentation, I was not able to convey what I wanted properly. During the presentation itself, I did not make eye contact with the teacher or my classmates. I rushed through the speech to get it done as soon as possible, and in the process, I stumbled over many words. As a result, neither my audience nor myself gained any benefit from my presentation. I had many points taken off due to my bad presentation skills. I realized that my fear of public speaking was a problem, and I signed up for this course hoping that it would help me get over my fear. Through this course, I learned how to deal with my fear of public speaking. I learned how to communicate in a clear and effective way. Now, I am able to present in front of my teachers and classmates with confidence and clarity. I have not only learned how to speak in public effectively, but I have also learned how to deal with fear and act confidently in all settings.”
- Omar